Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vivaldi Sacred Works

The Metropolitan Chorus (TMC) commenced its 42nd annual concert season with Viva Vivaldi! The concert featured two of Antonio Vivaldi's sacred works, Dixit Dominus and Beatus Vir, plus excerpts from The Four Seasons.

Performed in the sanctuary of Mount Olivet United Methodist Church in Arlington (pictured above), the concert went exceptionally well, with artistic director Barry Hemphill being overwhelmed at receiving a standing ovation at mid-concert. The chorus rehearsed diligently, and many commented how they enjoyed singing these recently found yet rarely performed works. For some choristers, this was the first opportunity to sing any of Vivaldi's works.

Dixit Dominus RV 594 (Psalm 109) and Beatus Vir RV 597 (Psalm 111) were discovered in 1939. Both pieces were arranged for double chorus and double orchestra along with solo voices. For TMC's performance, however, solos were assumed extraordinarily by their respective vocal sections.

During Dixit Dominus, the sopranos soared during Virgam virtutis tuae (3rd movement, allegro), and the altos richly performed Tecum principium (4th movement, andante). Not to be outdone, the tenors and basses romped magnificently through Dominus a dextris tuis (6th movement, allegro). Beatus Vir also went exceedingly well, again particularly for the tenors and basses during Peccator videbit and Beatus vir (8th movement, largo-presto and allegro, respectively) and for the entire chorus during the Gloria patri (9th movement, allegro).

Thus the 2008-09 concert season has begun with tremendous momentum, and we eagerly anticipate our upcoming performances.

Concert Details
Viva Vivaldi!
Saturday, October 25 at 8:00 pm
Mount Olivet United Methodist Church /

1500 N Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22207
Tickets: $18 adult / $15 senior/military / $5 youth
Group discounts available / Free parking
Phone: 703-933-2500 /