Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Light Up Washington

Continuing The Metropolitan Chorus' community outreach, The Met Singers were invited to perform during the Light Up Washington Small Business Conference Luncheon in Washington, DC. The luncheon paid tribute to small business owners and government officials and experts for their efforts in developing and promoting small businesses.

The luncheon also was part of the Light Up Washington Small Business Trade Show, an annual event designed to stimulate small business growth and provide employment to the unemployed. The trade show also provides remarkable opportunities for community-based businesses to market their goods and services to a widespread, diverse, and influential audience.

The opportunity for The Met Singers to perform was due to Jay McElroy, president and CEO of Premier Small Business Solutions. In addition to coordinating the luncheon, Ms McElroy worked with Washington, DC wards to hire for the trade show 10 unemployed workers from each ward.

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